Iceberg Faraday


site specific (instalação permanente)
Campo Abierto

"Iceberg Faraday" is a site-specific project that focuses on the interaction between technology and nature, using advanced resources such as parametric design and laser cutting to create a disruptive and fragile element in an exposed and vast landscape of a park.

The artwork is a sanctuary for contemplation and introspection, while also functioning as a lightning rod and rudimentary Faraday cage, a paradoxical device that enhances the richness and diversity of nature itself.

With "Iceberg Faraday", we aim to reflect on the complex and contradictory relationship between the natural and the artificial, and how technology can be invasive in terms of maintaining environmental balance.

By creating an immersive space in active dialogue with its location, this project invites us to reflect on our responsibility in the use of technology and to generate conversations and reflections on the Anthropocene, a theory that suggests that human activity in the last 200 years has had such a significant impact on the environment that it can be considered similar to the impact of a geological era, being a major cause of climate change and ecological degradation.

"Iceberg Faraday" is a reminder of our responsibility to protect and preserve nature and the environment, and thus project a promising future.