Mineral Entropy, operetta
minerals, motors, controllers, laser flashlights, LCD monitor, camera, speakers and custom algorithm
Fernando Velazquez and Lucas Bambozzi
Mines and Metals Museum
Belo Horizonte, 2021-2021

The Mineral Entropy project emerged from a research by the artists Fernando Velázquez and Lucas Bambozzi at the Museum of Mines and Metals in Belo Horizonte, which made its collection available in an artistic residency throughout 2021.  The work is an installation created from a system in a state of testing that involves representation, gauging properties, pattern recognition and tension between elements. The project consists of a set of experiments in repeated motions, which amplify the discrete behavior associated with natural things. In the work, the piezoelectric, magnetic, conductive, insulating, transparent or reflective properties of magnetite, calcite, fluorite, mica and quartz are felt in visual, sound and spatial conditions. On a quantum scale in which everything seems to be reduced to movement, sound is the element that gives shape to events, submitted to the hypothetical conditions of a tiny tectonics. We are interested in the idea of a perpetual motion that contrasts geological time with time on a human scale, that stimulates narratives that evoke scientific, technological and epistemological paradigms.

Keywords: system, test, attractor, synergy, entropy, geomancy